Antique Longcase Clock
Longcase Clock
A longcase clock made by George Stedman, Haslemere as indicated on the silvered brass dial. Circa 1780's, oak cabinet.                                   Size height 210cm, width of dial 29cm, width of hood 40cm, width of trunk 31cm, width of base 43cm
Item: GWPC38
Longcase Clock
Longcase Clock
30 hour clock dial marked Mannings Steyning, circa 1870.  Height 6ft 6", dial case 18" width, depth 8"   Item: GWPC15
Portico Clock
Portico Clock
A four column walnut portico clock with brass gilt fittings and dial, timepiece only, circa 1850's.   Size 49 x 25 x 14 cms, dial size 15cms diameter   Item: TH38
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Strike Repeat Carriage Clock
Brass cased strike repeat carriage clock, dial signed Dent, C 1900 striking the hours and half hour on a gong.  Back plate signed patent S J Retty Poller, No. 475 with English lever escapement on a silvered platform.  Size H 16cms, W 10cms, D 9cms Item: GWPC 49
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Striking Carriage Clock
A reproduction striking carriage clock, dial signed Charles Frodsham, London.  Strikes the hours on a bell, lever escapement in a gilded case. Item: DC7
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Striking Twin Fusee Table Clock
Striking twin fusee table clock.  The silvered dial signed Webster, London.  back plate signed Richard Webster, Exchange Alley, London C 1810.  With unusal Tompions form of Tic Tac anchor escapement, striking the hours on a bell, fully restored mahogony case with fish scale pierced side frets. Size H 30cms, W 30cms, D 20cms Otem: GWPC 50
Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
T & N Electric Master Clock
A Telefonbau und Normalzeit electric master clock with blue enamelled steel case manufactured between 1960 - 1970.  The clock would have driven a number of slave dials. Size H 90cms x W 29cms x D 15cms Item: MA4
Twin Fusee Striking Skeleton Clock
Twin Fusee Skeleton Clock
Striking skeleton clock by Cox, Islington, with twin chain fusee.  Striking the hour on a gong with pull repeat by cord running through the base, with original glass dome.  Late 1800s.  Dial size 10cms, clock height with base 39cms, clock depth 10cms, width 16cms, base diameter 23cms   Item: MA2
Westminster Chim Mantel Clock
Westminster Chiming Mantel Clock
Circa 1920 - 1930 in a mahogany case.  Size H 24 cc W 31 x D 12cms Item: JEMS 1613