Microscope tiles in case
100 Microscope Tiles Cased Circa 1900
100 cased microscope preparation slides, wide variety of flora and fauna, all tiles are numbered.  Box size 19cms x 27cms, slide 75mm x 25mm Item: TH55 SOLD
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19th Century Bone Hand maginifier
19th Century Hand Magnifier
19th century bone handled magnifying glass.  Size of lens 30mm, length 90mm Item: TH45 SOLD
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Geoff Allnutt Clocks
19th Century Micrometer
19th century micrometer, scale to 100th inch, possibly for measuring cover slips for microscope slides. 60mm wide Item: TH89
Longcase Clock with Petworth Dial
30 Hour Longcase Clock
Oak 30 hour longcase clock with painted dial signed John Easton, Petworth.  Size Length 194cms, dial face 28 x 28cms, base W 40cms x D 24cms, main body W 31cms x D 19cms, head 50 x 50cms Item: GWPC40
F Butt Wall Clock
8 Day Fusee Wall Clock
12" dial signed F Butt, Chester.  Size 38cm diameter Item: GWPC8 SOLD
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J Humby of Southsea Regulator
8 Day Regulator
An 8 day regulator dial signed J Humby of Southsea in a mahogany case.  Circa 1860. Size h 194 x w 40 x d 25cms Item: GWPC17 SOLD
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Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
Addometer Desk Calculator
American mechanical desk calculator 1940-1950s.  Size 29 x 6cms Item: TH77
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Aneroid Barometer
A msytery aneroid barometer by German company C P Goerz, C1950s with original instructions to base.  Size 17cms high Item: TH97
Carriage Clock
Antique French Carriage Clock
Hamilton Crichton & Co. Size H12cms x W8cms x D7cms   Item: MA2 SOLD
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French Enamel Carriage Clock
Antique French Enamel Timepiece
A champleve enamel cased carriage clock with a platform lever escapement, inscribed "Presented to Miss Busby By the Vicar and Teachers of the Neston Sunday school June 1900.  Circa second half of the 19th Century.  Size 11 x 8 x 6cms Item: MST4 SOLD
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French Carriage CLock
Antique French Timepiece
Carriage clock with gilded case, second half of the 19th Century, platform lever escapement.  Size 11 x 7 x 6cms Item: JEMS 1720
French Carriage Clock
Antique French Timepiece
Late 19th century carriage clock with original case.  Size H 13 x W 10 x D 8cms Item: JEMS1611