Microscope tiles in case
100 Microscope Tiles Cased Circa 1900
100 cased microscope preparation slides, wide variety of flora and fauna, all tiles are numbered.  Box size 19cms x 27cms, slide 75mm x 25mm Item: TH55 SOLD
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19th Century Bone Hand maginifier
19th Century Hand Magnifier
19th century bone handled magnifying glass.  Size of lens 30mm, length 90mm Item: TH45 SOLD
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Geoff Allnutt Clocks
19th Century Micrometer
19th century micrometer, scale to 100th inch, possibly for measuring cover slips for microscope slides. 60mm wide Item: TH89
Longcase Clock with Petworth Dial
30 Hour Longcase Clock
Oak 30 hour longcase clock with painted dial signed John Easton, Petworth.  Size Length 194cms, dial face 28 x 28cms, base W 40cms x D 24cms, main body W 31cms x D 19cms, head 50 x 50cms Item: GWPC40
F Butt Wall Clock
8 Day Fusee Wall Clock
12" dial signed F Butt, Chester.  Size 38cm diameter Item: GWPC8 SOLD
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J Humby of Southsea Regulator
8 Day Regulator
An 8 day regulator dial signed J Humby of Southsea in a mahogany case.  Circa 1860. Size h 194 x w 40 x d 25cms Item: GWPC17 SOLD
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Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
Addometer Desk Calculator
American mechanical desk calculator 1940-1950s.  Size 29 x 6cms Item: TH77
Carriage Clock
Antique French Carriage Clock
Hamilton Crichton & Co. Size H12cms x W8cms x D7cms   Item: MA2 SOLD
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French Enamel Carriage Clock
Antique French Enamel Timepiece
A champleve enamel cased carriage clock with a platform lever escapement, inscribed "Presented to Miss Busby By the Vicar and Teachers of the Neston Sunday school June 1900.  Circa second half of the 19th Century.  Size 11 x 8 x 6cms Item: MST4 SOLD
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French Carriage CLock
Antique French Timepiece
Carriage clock with gilded case, second half of the 19th Century, platform lever escapement.  Size 11 x 7 x 6cms Item: JEMS 1720
French Carriage Clock
Antique French Timepiece
Late 19th century carriage clock with original case.  Size H 13 x W 10 x D 8cms Item: JEMS1611
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Antique Striking French Carriage Clock
A 19th Century 8 day French carriage clock, striking on gong, with enamel dial and bevelled glass.  Small size and having original platform escapement.  There are no cracks on the dial and all glasses are original, sold with travelling case and key.  Size H 11cms x W 7cms x D 6cms Item: CM2