Microscope tiles in case
100 Microscope Tiles Cased Circa 1900
100 cased microscope preparation slides, wide variety of flora and fauna, all tiles are numbered.  Box size 19cms x 27cms, slide 75mm x 25mm Item: TH55 SOLD
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19th Century Micrometer
19th century micrometer, scale to 100th inch, possibly for measuring cover slips for microscope slides. 60mm wide Item: TH89
Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
Addometer Desk Calculator
American mechanical desk calculator 1940-1950s.  Size 29 x 6cms Item: TH77
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Boxwood Ruler
Folding boxwood ruler by John Rabone & Sons, Birminham.  24" long Item: TH91
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Brewer’s Proof Rule
Brewer's proof ruler, made of boxwood by Josh Casartelli & Son, 43 Market St, Mancester.  320mm long Item: TH90
Sovereign Scales
Cased Sovereign Scales Circa 1850
Card cased sovereign scales to weigh full and half sovereigns.  Unusual screw mounting base.  Scales size 10cms x 1.2cms Item: TH46
Trammel Set
Cased Trammel Set by W H Harling
Cased Trammel set by W H Harling, used for mounting onto a ruler for parrallel lines, circa 1940s.  Case size 12 cms x 5cms x 2.5cms Item: TH47 SOLD
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Calculigraphie Circular Slide Rule
Circular Slide Rule
Double sided circular slide rule with several function, early 20th century, French signed Calculigraphie, H.C.  Dial size 50mm Item: TH50
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Dolland Telescope
Dolland Telescope
Circa 1810 - 1820.  This Dolland celestial & terrestrial telescope is positioned on an equitorial mount.  Supplied with multiple lenses, a wooden floor tripod, a smaller brass table tripod and a wooden carrying case. Size: Height from floor to top of telescope - 1700mm Height to top of tripod inc brass fixing - 1500mm Height of wooden part of tripod - 1230mm Spread approx.  - 900mm Length of telescope - 1380mm   Item: TH28 SOLD
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19th Century Table Magnifier
Early 19th Century Table Magnifier
Early 19th table magnifier with enamel rim, one small chip to glass.  Size of lens 33mm Item: TH52 SOLD
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Exactus Pocket Calculator
Exactus pocket calculator in its original case with instructions on how to use, also includes the stylus.  Size Open 24cms x 7.5cms Item: TH76
Field Surgeon Tourniquet
Field Surgeon’s Tourniquet Circa 1850
Mid 19th century field surgeon's tourniquet with leather pad and Herring Bone fabric strap by Arnold & Son, London.  In almost unused condition.  Size of strap  60cms length x 8cms width Item: TH54 SOLD
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