Longcase Clock with Petworth Dial
30 Hour Longcase Clock
Oak 30 hour longcase clock with painted dial signed John Easton, Petworth.  Size Length 194cms, dial face 28 x 28cms, base W 40cms x D 24cms, main body W 31cms x D 19cms, head 50 x 50cms Item: GWPC40
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Longcase Clock by J Pearson, Petworth
30 hour longcase clock by Jason Pearson of Petworth, circa 1800.  Count wheel striking the hours on a bell,  Painted dial with painted shell spandrels, oak case, 11" dial.  Height of case 196cms Item: GWPC 48
Antique Longcase Clock
Longcase Clock
A longcase clock made by George Stedman, Haslemere as indicated on the silvered brass dial. Circa 1780's, oak cabinet.                                   Size height 210cm, width of dial 29cm, width of hood 40cm, width of trunk 31cm, width of base 43cm
Item: GWPC38
Longcase Clock
Longcase Clock
30 hour clock dial marked Mannings Steyning, circa 1870.  Height 6ft 6", dial case 18" width, depth 8"   Item: GWPC15