Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
Antique Brass Armillary Sphere
Brass armillary sphere sundial by W & J George, London.  Signs of the zodiac and sundial on the main ring.  Circa 1900. Ring diameter 10cms, height 20cms Item: TH125
Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
Antique Cross Staff
Cased cross staff by Stanley, London C 1900.  Painted finish in very good condition with integral handle for tripod fitting or hand held. Item: TH75
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Antique Electrotherapy Device C1920
Wooden cased electrotherapy machine circa 1920 by Allen Hanburys Ltd, London (battery driven) with various attachments, sold untested and for display purposes only.  Size H14cms x W14cms x D12.5cms Item: TH72
Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
Antique Optician’s Trial Lens Set
Wooden cased optician's trial lens set, complete by Allen & Hanbury Limited, circa 1900.  Boxed 44cms  x 21cms Item: TH111
bobbin sandtimer
Antique Sand Timer in Bobbin Case
A wooden sand timer in bobbin case.  Size 12cm x 5cm   Item: GWPC24
Water Divining Instrument
Antique Water Divining Instrument
Circa 1900.  Marked Mansfield Liverpool patent Automatic. Supplied with original leather carrying case and instructions.  Diviner size 18 x 18 x 25cms, carry case 22 x 22 x 32cms Item: TH6
Brewers saccharometer
Vintage Brewer’s Saccharometer
With additional slide rule in original case.  Box size 22 x 8 x 3cms, slide rule 30 x 5cms   Item: GWPC31    
Passion Bulb
Vintage Passion Bulb
Circa 1970's.  Length 15cms Item: TH17
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Vintage Siren Experimental Device
Siren experimental device made by Griffin & George Ltd, with two counter dials.  Height 32cms Item: TH68
WW2 Navigator Plotting Chart
Vintage WW2 Navigator’s Plotting Chart
In original cardboard box, back of chart hand engraved "Morris".  Size 16 x 14 x 3cms Item: TH35
Geoff Allnutt Clocks Midhurst
Vintage Zoetrope by Van Cort
A reproduction zoetrope by Van Cort Instrument, with many picture strips all of which are in very good condition. Item: TH73