360 degree protractor
360 Degree Brass Protractor
Brass protractor by Davis & Son.  Size 20cms diameter Item: TH10
Air Ministry Dental Kit
Air Ministry Dental Kit
In a black leather pouch embossed on the inside with the Air Ministry emblem and A & M on the front flap.  Open size 35 x 30cms, closed 18 x 14cms Item: TH37
Negetti & Zambra Barometer & Thermometer
Banjo Barometer & Thermometer
By Negetti & Zambra, circa 1900 in carved walnut case.  Size Dial size 8", height 33"   Item: GWPC42
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Barograph with Thermometer, C1900
Mahogany cased barograph with integral thermometer, 8 day movement with new pen and ink, with drawer for spare charts.  Length 35cms, depth 22 cms, height 21cms Item: TH61
Brewers hydrometer
Brewer’s Hydrometer
In it's original case with additional slide rule.  Box size  22 x 8 x 3cms, slide rule 30 x 5cms   Item: GWPC30    
Brewers saccharometer
Brewer’s Saccharometer
With additional slide rule in original case.  Box size 22 x 8 x 3cms, slide rule 30 x 5cms   Item: GWPC31    
Sovereign Scales
Cased Sovereign Scales Circa 1850
Card cased sovereign scales to weigh full and half sovereigns.  Unusual screw mounting base.  Scales size 10cms x 1.2cms Item: TH46
Calculigraphie Circular Slide Rule
Circular Slide Rule
Double sided circular slide rule with several function, early 20th century, French signed Calculigraphie, H.C.  Dial size 50mm Item: TH50
German Coin Sscales
Coin Scales
Circa 1800 manufactured in Germany.  In original case.  Length 13cms x width of bar 13cms Item: TH23
Geoff Allnutt Clocks
Electrotherapy Device C1920
Wooden cased electrotherapy machine circa 1920 by Allen Hanburys Ltd, London (battery driven) with various attachments, sold untested and for display purposes only.  Size H14cms x W14cms x D12.5cms Item: TH72