Air Ministry Dental Kit
Air Ministry Dental Kit
In a black leather pouch embossed on the inside with the Air Ministry emblem and A & M on the front flap.  Open size 35 x 30cms, closed 18 x 14cms Item: TH37
Field Doctor's Kit
Field Doctor’s Kit
Various surgical instruments in a black leather pouch,  some items personalised A V Maybury, circa 1900.  Closed pouch size 9.5 x 15cms, open 28 x 24cms Item: TH34
Field Surgeon Tourniquet
Field Surgeon’s Tourniquet Circa 1850
Mid 19th century field surgeon's tourniquet with leather pad and Herring Bone fabric strap by Arnold & Son, London.  In almost unused condition.  Size of strap  60cms length x 8cms width Item: TH54
Ivory thermometer
Ivory Thermometer
In original shagreen case.  Size 12.5 x 1.5cms Item: TH21
Morticians Surgical Kit
Mortician’s Surgical Kit
Circa 1870 in original box with key.  Size 21 x 9cms Item: TH8
Surgeon Dissecting Set
Surgeon’s Dissecting Set of Scalpels
Cased surgeon's ivory handled scalpels with dissection hooks and blow pipe.  Scalpels signed Burgess & Co, High Holborn, circa 1850, one scalpel missing, in original mahogany case.  Size 18.5cms x 8cms x 3cms Item: TH48
Valeentines Surgical Knife
Valentine’s Surgical Knife
Circa 1850 made by Weedon, London, in original velvet lined wooden box .  Knife length 20cms, blade size 7cms, handle 6.5cms Item: TH18