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We have an ever growing collection of postcards that relate to horology.

Geoff said, “ I began by collecting advertising material which led me to notice how many comic postcards mentioned clocks, watches or time in some way. I started a collection and then it just gained momentum….”

We are now sorting and cataloguing these as the collection continues to grow. They are interesting on many different levels, showing a change in attitudes, society, humour and daily life.

“I’ve been amazed at the number of early comic cartoon postcards that feature references to time or horology. Clearly it is a theme that has universal appeal and leant itself to all types of humour from puns to double entendres!”  said Su

The cards have caused a lot of lively discussion at Allnutt Clocks. Subjects have ranged from theories as to why some themes are prevalent such as showing people visiting pawn shops and those who have drunk too much. We have also talked at length about sexism and attitudes to women as well as what was seen as acceptable and what was censored. It is definitely clear that humour has changed significantly. Many of the jokes don’t seem very funny to us and some are witty but shocking because of the underlying views. The majority of the horology-themed cards however are not that “saucy”. Here are some examples of the recurring themes

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Too Much To Drink


Too Much to Drink Postcards


Puns & Metaphors

I'm Working Overtime PostcardWorking Overtime PostcardI am Simply Killing Time PostcardI Shall be Under the Clock at 5 Postcard
I Will be On Watch PostcardArrived Late PostcardAny Old Time PostcardDon't Be Late Postcard
Time is Heavy on My hands PostcardKilling Time PostcardLiving on Tick PostcardJust Cuckoo About This Place Postcard
Time to Write PostcardGet Busy PostcardTime for a Note PostcardThe Half Past Eight Habit Postcard
I've Waited Long Enough PostcardI Must Wind Up PostcardTime is Flying PostcardBless Our Happy Home Postcard
Ive Got Time to See You PostcardI'm Waiting Here for Kate PostcardHave a Hellish Good Time PostcardTime Simply Flies at Southsea Postcard
PostcardThe Time PostcardOn the Watch for a Dollar PostcardIf Jean Only Found Time Postcard
Pun Postcard


Stealing Time

Stealing Time Postcards

Stealing Time Postcards


Alarm Clocks

Alarm Clocks   
Geoff Allnutt Postcard CollectionGeoff Allnutt Postcard CollectionGeoff Allnutt Postcard CollectionGeoff Allnutt Postcard Collection

There are many overlaps with the themes. Investigation about the history behind some of these themes and others in the collection is ongoing. We hope to share this in the future. Any help people can give us would be very much appreciated.

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